As I slowly relinquish the reigns of being Head Brewer at Funk brewing Co. over the next month, Laura and I are very rapidly picking up speed with getting Søle Ales correctly positioned for success. After a year of waking up early to “go to work” before I have to go to work, and long nights at the kitchen table, we are starting to be able to enjoy the fruits of our effort.

An example of those aforementioned fruits is the opportunity to start shooting our promotional commercial and “Gypsy Wagon” Kickstarter Video at Strangelove’s in Center City Philadelphia; a spectacular craft-focused establishment owned by our dear friend, and long time supporter, Brendan Hartrafnt.

The video, shot by Joseph Wolensky of White Pheonix Media, was filmed late last Thursday night at Strangelove’s and we were accompanied by Brendan and Joseph, as well as our friend Antony Wardle of Allentown Brew Works and Matt Satten of Shangy’s Beer.

Before going to work setting up shots, outlining interviews, and playing with lighting, our group sat down Hofbrau-style for a wonderful meal and some killer beer (Ma- Kelly’s Stout on hand pump was incredible). It was refreshing to again be out in the company of like-minded beer lovers who are “all-in” for the love of the craft.

Brendan regaled us with stories, talking points, and enlightened my life a little bit with his theory of “Core-Good”; Antony was quick with a joke, but was honest, intelligent, and quick with advise for our up and coming brewing endeavor; Matt had a quick beer with us but had to run to another event… I think his devotion to all things craft beer has evolved into a love-affair that robs him of sleep and sanity… I have never encountered someone who lives for his job like Matt.

I won’t even begin to write about the technical details of shooting the video. J. Wolensky was on fire and was moving us around like chess pieces as he was capturing the video he had already designed in his head. The whole thing made me dizzy, but Joseph knew what he was doing. We finished dinner, wrapped up some shots, and packed up the car and headed to Frankfort hall around 1:00 am. to get some schwarzbier and bratwurst. We called it a night.

Laura and I were glad to be in it. Inside the very reason why we do what we do in the first place.

I believe, at the end of the day, the timeless need for good company and good drink is what fuels the body and the mind. It’s easy to lose sight of why I ever got into this industry, but I am very grateful to be reminded in moments such as these.