We are extremely excited to kick off 2017 with the first ever Søle Society Membership Program!

We’ve created the Søle Society to offer our loyal customers the most unique and exclusive beers we will release throughout the year, as well as custom exclusive Society branded merchandise, private Søle Society events, exclusive access to special taps in our forthcoming Easton location (Søle Bar+Bottle) as well as our Brewery + Barrel Cellar expansion coming this Summer!


  • 24 Bottles of exclusive Top-tier Bottle Releases! Members will receive 6 exclusive bottles of 4 different private Society beer releases throughout the year, not offered to the public, guaranteed to be yours! Yup! The bottles are included in your membership!
    These bottles will be hand selected from the top tier Søle offerings that will be available next year, including small batch Barrel-aged variants, crazy Hop-forward Experiments, and the most sought after Sour and Mixed Fermentation projects we have already started this Winter.
  • 4 Private Release Parties for the aforementioned bottles, held approximately once each quarter, starting with our inaugural Welcome Event in the Spring. Dark hooded robes are optional… but please dress occult-casual. Members may bring a guest to each release event!
  • A Personalized Membership Identification Card that grants you access to all secret privileges of the Society. This is the proverbial “secret handshake” of our club and will be required for all Society exclusive events.
  • Access to Private Society Only Taps.  Your Søle Society Membership Card will grant you and and any of your guests exclusive access to purchase draft beers and growler fills from members-only taps at our forthcoming Søle Bar+Bottle and Brewery locations. 
  • A double-wall insulated 32oz Søle Society Growler  boldly emblazoned with our Society’s crest. Watch the seas of mere-mortals part as you approach the bar to claim your royal gold, and fill your holy flask with eternal glory!
  • A custom Society-only Glass eternally marked with the Society’s crest and luxuriously (but gently) dipped in gold by vestigial virgins to offer your lips the most elegant of drinking surfaces!
  • A Søle Society T-Shirt announces your allegiance to the Society, and allows the masses of ordinary neckbeards and neo-cicerones to identify you as a person of true style, taste, and panache!
  • A Søle Society “Challenge Coin” used to prove membership when “challenged”. If a challenge coin is presented to another Society Member who is not in possession of his/her coin, that member owes you a beer!
  • A Private Unveiling and first look at our new locations featuring special drafts at discounted Society Pricing. Behold!
  • Society Discounts throughout the year on special event tickets for festivals, beer dinners, and other ticketed events! We look forward to the constant company of our Society members and hope you will consider our secret lairs a second home!
  • First Dibs and priority consideration for renewing your Søle Society membership for 2018. May the taps runneth over for all eternity!


  1. You must be at least 21 years old to join The Søle Society.
  2. Membership is non-transferable, and includes a personalized membership card, which must be presented with ID for Society events, privileges and bottle pick-ups. Proxies are not permitted. In order to pick up your bottles and Society merch, you will need to show your valid photo ID; it must be your ID and it MUST match your Society Membership ID. Any attempt to work around these rules will result in forfeiture of your member privileges.
  3. All bottles must be picked up during business hours at one of our retail locations. If you cannot make it to the release event, you must pick up your allotment within 3 weeks of the release date.
  4. Only purchase a Søle Society membership if you are 100% positive you can personally pick-up your bottles within the pick-up window; any bottles not picked up before the specified dates will be surrendered back to Søle Artisan Ales.
  5. Membership valid through 12/13/2017, at which point members will have the option to renew, as well as first opportunity to purchase any additional tiers of membership.
  6. Bottles and tickets obtained through membership are not for resale. Resale will result in membership cancellation. Trading is totally fine though!
  7. Society growlers may be filled with any available growler fill as well as specialty, Society exclusive beers. The cost of the growler fills are not included in this membership and will be an additional cost.
  8. Society growlers may only be filled by their respective owners.
  9. Release dates, beers, and variations are subject to change.
  10. Søle Artisan Ales reserves the right to serve Søle Society Exclusive beers to the public at special events, as well as archive limited quantities for future sales and service, if we so choose.
  11. No shipping, and again, no proxies.
  12. Søle Artisan Ales is not responsible for issuing refunds for beers sold to Society members.
  13. Each person is allowed to have a maximum of one membership. If a member is found to have multiple memberships, we reserve the right to cancel the membership without refund.
  14. Sole Artisan Ales, at its sole and unconditional discretion, has the right to cancel a membership and refund a prorated portion of a member’s membership fee for any reason at any time. It’s not something we ever hope to do, but it’s a right we reserve.
  15. Society Member support can be reached via society@soleales.com


How can I purchase a 2017 Søle Society Membership

200 Limited Memberships will go up for sale on December 1st at 10:00am. The link to purchase will be on this page.

What type of beers can I expect?

Søle Society exclusive beers are hand selected by us and designated as, in our opinion, our very best work. These top-tier offerings will be offered in 500ml or 22oz bottles (depending on style) and will have special qualities that separate them from our typical releases. This Winter, we will be rolling out a sour and mixed fermentation beer program that’ll knock yer socks off. We have purchased 7 new souring tanks with barrels and foudres (those big oak aging tanks) on their way for secondary fermentation. Additionally, we will feature barrel aged variants of clean beers, and wild new experiments exclusive to members.

Søle Society Private draft line? Please explain!

Society members will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase drafts and growler fills from member only Society taps at all our future locations. Society Members must present their Society I.D. card and a valid, matching form of Gov’t identification to be eligible to take advantage of this and other member perks.

Sounds awesome! But where does the money go?

A portion of your membership will go towards the cost of making the beers we have committed to you. The other portion will be used to expand our brewing and cellaring operations! Our customers are our lifeblood… The Søle Society is a way that you can help us invest in our future, and this is a way for us to give you something special in return! New brewing equipment, swanky furniture for Søle Bar+Bottle, barrels for our upcoming Brewery + Barrel Cellar… your membership goes towards our efforts to keep giving our awesome customers, awesome beer!

Can I split my membership with a friend or significant other?

All memberships will be treated as individual memberships. Members will receive a personalized membership ID card which will be needed to be carried, along with a drivers license or valid gov’t identification, to attend Society events or to take advantage of Society perks.

Do I need to have my Society Membership I.D. card with me to attend events and pick up my bottles?

Yes. To identify you as a Søle Society Member, you must be equipped with your Membership ID Card AND a valid driver’s license or government ID with matching names.

Where can I pick up my Søle Society bottle allocations?

Søle Society bottle release events will be held at Søle Bar+Bottle (Easton,PA) or our forthcoming Brewery + Barrel Cellar (Easton,PA).

Can you ship my beer?

Unfortunately we are not able to ship any beer. The Søle Society is currently designed for local residents, or non-local residents that are willing to make the drive to pick up their allotments. We do not allow proxies to pick up your beer for you. If you are unable to pick up your beer on release day, we can hold it for you. (See next F.A.Q.)

How long will you hold my beers?

Its totally fine if you cannot make the release event! We will hold your beers for 3 weeks after the release event for that particular beer. If you do not pick up your allotment within that time-frame you agree to forfeit your beers back to the Søle Society. That isn’t something we want to happen, and will do everything possible on our end if you do the same!

When can I pick up my Merch?

Merchandise will be available for pickup at the first bottle release and Søle Society Kickoff event.

Can someone else pick my beer up for me?

No, we do not allow proxies or trustees this year for logistical reasons. You must appear in person with your member ID and a valid, matching gov’t ID to receive your beer and member perks. We are trying to keep this simple! Please note: to take full advantage of the Søle Society’s great perks and events, it would be ideal to have availability to enjoy them all in person!

Can I buy a Søle Society Membership as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely. When the purchase page is launched you will have the option to purchase as a gift. Please be careful to fill out all fields on the checkout page correctly to make sure that your guests details are accurate!

Will you have extra Søle Society Merch for sale?

If we have any leftover or extra Society merchandise, it will be for sale to members at the first release event.

Are Søle Society Exclusive beers going to be available for distribution to bars and restaurants?

No, these beers will not be available for distribution. Any draft remaining will be available for purchase on the Søle Society Private draft line.

Can I cancel or get a refund for my membership?

All sales are final and we will not issue refunds for membership dues. If we are doing our job correctly, you will not want one!