Brewing is in our bones. We craft our glorious libations under the roof of another brewery that we respect and trust. We practice our craft on some of the finest and most technologically advanced equipment that has been invented. Occasionally, we pack our bags and hop over to Europe to collaborate with foreign friends in forward thinking fermentation.


We search for the outlandish while respecting the balance of culinary flavors. Beer is food, and our food is good. Each of our offerings is crafted to pique your interests, excite your senses, and challenge your taste buds. We want to create a sensory experience that provides sustenance for your soul.


We ensure every part of our ales, from the packaging to ingredients are as serious as we are. We support local hop farms, Pennsylvania malt-houses, and other farmers to provide us with special ingredients (like honey, maple syrup, herbs and spices) that are unique to our region.




Joe Percoco is a food nut. He has always strived to learn everything possible about taste.  At very young age, before being able to work officially, he traded time in a bakery for pastries, sips of wine and an old Italian man’s stories.

After working as a cook at multiple restaurants for actual pay, Joe began investigating where food came from by working on an organic farm in the Appalachian Mountains.  He learned to drive a 70 year old tractor, how to raise pastured animals, and everything there was to know about growing a good ingredient.  Not only did he learn about ingredients, but through cultivating the land with his hands, he also became aware of how sustainability keeps nature at its finest for the production of clean, beautiful food.


While farming in the mountains Joe started to fall in love with quality beer, which has been an integral part of a long days work on the farm for thousands of years. He was drawn in by the humble yet fine precision of the artisan beers and farmhouse ales of Europe. On Craigslist he found a brewery hand listing at a brewpub in his home town and was so determined to be part of the beer world that he worked for free to scrub the floors.

Tenacity, hard work, and incessant self-education prevailed and in 13 months time Joe was promoted to Head Brewer at the age of 20. With an expert command of taste and a revered appreciation for ingredients he mixed together brilliant beers, but he did not stop here. After brewing at the brewpub for two years he wanted to learn more. He retired from his position to take brewing jobs at various large scale production breweries to learn about equipment, techniques, and recipes from esteemed regional breweries including Weyerbacher, Allentown Brew Works, and Shipyard Brewing Co.


In Joe’s quest to combine artisan craft brewing with his thirst to create culinary beers, he accepted a position as the Head Brewer for Funk Brewing Company in Emmaus, PA. He gained recognition in Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley for his heavy handed IPA’s and his distinct farmhouse style brewing.

Wanting to see what beer making was like on the other side of the pond, Joe took a trip to Europe to work in historic breweries where he observed old world techniques and European finesse first hand. His glimpse into the craft’s history and meeting Master Brewers with beer in their blood from five generations became a strong factor in shaping his own style. During this pilgrimage Joe was able to volunteer his time in historic breweries such as Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels and take part in the brewing of libations he had admired for years. The experience was a turning point in Joe’s life. Equipped with his passion for taste and inspiration from techniques and mentors from around the world Joe returned to the States to create SØLE Artisan Ales.